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Arimex gaskets for plate heat exchanger types of well-known manufacturers:

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Arimex-Dichtung für PWT-Hersteller: Alfa-Laval und Dichtungstyp: M15-BFM8


M15-BFM8 Items in stock and ready to ship within 1-3 working days Items in stock and ready to ship within 1-3 working days

M15BFM8, M-15BFM8, M 15 BFM 8, M-15-BFM-8, M-15 BFM 8, M 15-BFM 8, M 15-BFM-8

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Arimex gaskets for Alfa-Laval types are in EPDM, NBR, EPDM-HT, Viton and NBR-HT available. Further information is available on request.


NBR (Nitril-Butadien-Kautschuk)
FDA-NBR - Admission in the food industry (FDA 177.2600)

Nitril-Butadien-Kautschuk is suited to following application area: constancy of oils of hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, water glykol, water-in-oil emulsion, mineral oil, products of mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, petrol, fuel oil, water, butane, propane, methane, ethane etc.

NBR-HT (Nitril-Butadien-Kautschuk)
NBR-Hydrogene (Nitril-Butadien-Kautschuk)
FDA-NBR-HT - Admission in the food industry (FDA 177.2600)

We also offer an adjusted rubber-compound NBR-HT or NBR-Hydrogene. These specific rubber alloys facilitate even a use temperature between -25°C and 130°C (NBR-HT) as well as between -25°C and 150°C (NBR-Hydrogene). But both special alloys are in particular adapted to the UHT-use.

EPDM-HT (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Monomer)
FDA-EPDM-HT - Admission in the food industry (FDA 177.2600)

EPDM-HT is a polymer of ethylene, propylene and a small dialkene-part. EPDM-HT has a high permanence of hot water and steam and a permanence of cold for the synthetic rubber. EPDM-HT also has a very good permanence of ageing and ozone. EPDM-HT is characterized by a above-average chemical permanence, but the mineral oil and fat permanence is, however, rather bad.

Viton A (FKM-Fluor-Kautschuk, Fluorkarbon-Kautschuk) -20°C - +220°C
Viton B (FKM-Fluor-Kautschuk, Fluorkarbon-Kautschuk) -15°C - +200°C
VitonG (FKM-Fluor-Kautschuk, Fluorkarbon-Kautschuk) -15°C - +200°C
VitonGF (FKM-Flour-Kautschuk, Fluorkarbon-Kautschuk) -15°C - +200°C
Viton-FDA (FKM-Fluor-Kautschuk, Fluorkarbon-Kautschuk) -20°C - +200°C
Admission in the food industry (FDA 177.2600) – only Viton-FDA

Viton-FDA, Viton-B, Viton-G, Viton-GF und Viton-A has a brilliant permanence against high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulics liquids, fuels, aromatics, many organic solvents and chemicals.

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